KAS-400 Glass for direct drinking water saturated with hydrogen

VAT included

Hydrogen generator 600 ml capacity in the form of a glass for direct drinking

Product Parameters


glass material: high quality borosilicate glass

Capacity: 600 ml (optimal production of hydrogen water with a capacity of 450-500 ml)

Work: wireless transmission, touch switch, 2.4G wireless module

Hydrogen saturation: 1500-2000ppb (depending on water quality)

Cas electrolysis: 5 minutes

Battery capacity: 500 mAh lithium battery, 1200 mAh base

Charging time: 2H

Power: 5 W

Voltage: 5 V USB

Operating temperature: 0-55 ℃

Electrodes: platinum titanium (made in Japoniit) 3um

Size: 70 * 230mm

The set does not include a power supply.

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     Benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich H2 water generator:

     Water rich in hydrogen is called life water, delays aging, detoxifies and nourishes the face and all skin

  1. mproving cell health and increasing the absorption of nutrients in the body using face cleanser, easily absorbed to maintain well moisturized skin.
  2. Improving blood glucose and HbA1c levels in diabetes
  3. Better hydration - increasing blood circulation, hydrogen-rich water is beneficial for reducing blood viscosity, improves micro circulation and increases the elasticity of blood vessels.
  4. Helps reduce saturated fat levels
  5. It delays the aging process of the stack to get healthy skin
  6. It improves memory in the elderly - reduces constipation problems
  7. Helps to lower cholesterol.
  8. Detoxifies the body - improves the quality of life of cancer patients on chemotherapy and radiation
  9. Purification of excess free radicals in human cells
  10. It improves the quality of sleep.



  1. cup cover - wireless transmission, touch switch, 2.4G wireless module
  2. Hydrogen and oxygen separation, Built-in acidic water cavity, Acid water discharge in about half a month (Smelly, chlorine, harmful substances separated by SPE membrane electrolysis)
  3. Super large battery capacity
  4. design carefully and attractive, the cup rim has no thread, the connection is tight and does not leak
  5. Super high hydrogen content
     Why exactly products from this store?
You are sure that your purchase is a real cup or bottle for separating hydrogen and oxygen  ?
1. Hydrogen-rich ceramic plates, hydrogen-rich spheres, hydrogen production in chemical reactions, cause adverse reactions and can harm human health through heavy metals  
22. Hydrogen-oxygen electrolysis - a cup for hydrogen and oxygen separation, electrolysis separates smelly, chlorine, harmful substances separated by SPE membrane electrolysis, these substances are excreted at the bottom of the cup.
The fake cup for separating hydrogen and oxygen without releasing chlorine, acid water, acid-free water chamber is very harmful to humans

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