KAS-303B Portable hydrogen water generator 2800 ppb ORP -500 to -700 mV

VAT included

Drinking hydrate-rich antioxidant water produced by KAS-303 B ensures the daily supply of beneficial antioxidants.

Small handheld and portable. An additional option is the possibility of therapy by inhaling pure hydrogen.

Cyclic intake is crucial for optimal effectiveness

Interestingly, a study of the University of Nagoya 14 found that although continuous administration of hydrogen in the air was ineffective in preventing Parkinson's disease, periodic exposure was effective. Small handheld and portable. An additional option is the possibility of therapy by inhaling pure hydrogen.







Molecular hydrogen has been shown in scientific research to have the power of antioxidant, cleansing the most dangerous free radical, hydroxyphilic, and also having the ability to help our bodies produce their own antioxidants, such as superoxide disectase, catalase and Glutathione, its own antioxidant.

Since the hydrogen molecule is the smallest molecule, it has the ability to penetrate the cell membrane into the mitochondria, and even across the blood-brain barrier, neutralizing the free radicals in which they are produced.

Product name - Hydrogen water generator Model KAS-303 B

Capacity - 450 ml

Size - Diameter: 75 ± 5 mm

Height: 100 ± 5 mm (base)

          215 ± 5 mm (base + bottle)

Operation time - 5/10 minutes

Battery Type - Polymer lithium battery

Battery capacity - 1400 mAh

Charging time - About 2.5 hours

Material - High quality titanium electrode plate with platinum coating

food grade PP, ABS, pyrex glass 304 stainless steel housing

Max. 2800ppb concentration

ORP-500mV ~ -700mV

Description of functions:

1. Friendly design: the built-in battery allows repeated use.

2. Suitable for different types of water: e.g. pure water, distilled water, mineral water.

3. It can also produce ozone water for sterilization.

The secret of hydrogen-rich water is that it contains rich hydrogen

Scientists have found that hydrogen is the simplest molecule in nature. Its small molecule structure can quickly spread to all cells in the body, and cells inside and outside the free radical reaction produce water to restore cell viability. The reaction process is safe and fast. Vitamin C, E and other nutrients can only help remove extracellular free radicals.

Through food and breathing, bacteria and viruses continue to attack the body, but blood cells release reactive oxygen to withdraw, and some turn into violent reactive oxygen species, attacking normal cells and DNA, destroying cells and DNA, creating other cells. The ingredients are oxidized and damaged, causing disease, aging, stains and wrinkles.

Water rich in hydrogen is rich in hydrogen molecules that break down into hydrogen atoms, i.e. Active hydrogen, by the hydrogen enzyme that breaks down in the body after drinking, reacts with the active oxygen radicals of the human body, creating harmless water for the human body. . The chemical reaction with oxygen is called the oxidation reaction, and the chemical reaction with hydrogen is called the reduction reaction, and the test report confirms that hydrogen is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and has no side effects.

Hydrogen is an optimal natural antioxidant because the hydrogen molecules in hydrogen-rich water are very small, they can quickly penetrate the cells, neutralize the "lethal" oxygen free radicals in the body and ultimately produce water to eliminate them from the body. Each hydrogen molecule is uniformly enclosed in water molecules, creating a small molecular group that thanks to its

low volume can quickly pass through the cell wall and eliminate malignant oxygen free radicals in the cell.

1. Water rich in hydrogen belongs to low molecular water, easy to absorb and has high permeability.

2. Water rich in hydrogen belongs to water with negative potential and has some resistance to oxidation.

3. Hydrogen-rich water is rich in active hydrogen that promotes internal balance.

4. Hydrogen-rich water contains the function of regulating gastric circulation, improving digestive tract, detoxification and healthy appearance.

Drinking more than 1.5 liters of hydrogen-rich water a day corresponds to the antioxidant value of the following fruits and vegetables.

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