KAS-O3AC dry hand disinfection column

KAS-O3AC dry hand disinfection column
  • 2KAS-O3AC dry hand disinfection column
  • 2KAS-O3AC dry hand disinfection column
  • 2KAS-O3AC dry hand disinfection column
  • 2KAS-O3AC dry hand disinfection column
  • 2KAS-O3AC dry hand disinfection column

Column for dry hand disinfection with ozone. Powered from AC 230 V. Maintenance-free, does not require replacement of disinfectants. See also the self-powered model.

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It is here, many hours of work and selection of parameters. Hand sanitizer column. We have the situation we have, many places politely ask us to disinfect our hands before entering a store, bank institution or any other place that provides services. As many people have experienced, wet disinfection has many disadvantages. The frequency of hand disinfection applied to us is also not indifferent to the comfort of our hand skin. The existing and available automatic wet hand disinfection stations require supervision and operation as well as replenishing disinfectants. There is also a lack of trust as to the content of these stations and the composition of the disinfecting fluids themselves used there. In order to solve the problem, I have developed and implemented a maintenance-free column that does not require fluid replenishment because there are no liquids there. Disinfection is performed with a powerful ozone stream in a short time. It is the most effective solution and therefore the most ecological. For example, standing in front of a supermarket guarantees that the customer will not enter the market without disinfecting their hands, because disinfection will not have a negative effect on the skin of their hands. It is an excellent alternative for those who do not sanitize their hands because they do not trust the chemicals used in current hand sanitizing stations. Hand ozone disinfection is also disinfecting some garments by the way.

Technical data:

AC 230 V power supply

Disinfectant - Ozone 10 g / h

Dimensions: height 150 cm x width 25 cm x depth 25 cm.

Power consumption: standby 2W, operation 102W

Mounting method: 4 x 10 mm dowels to the ground.

Type of work: automatic, maintenance-free.

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