KAS-500 frequency therapy

KAS-500 frequency therapy
  • 2KAS-500 frequency therapy
  • 2KAS-500 frequency therapy
  • 2KAS-500 frequency therapy
  • 2KAS-500 frequency therapy
  • 2KAS-500 frequency therapy
  • 2KAS-500 frequency therapy

Precisely selected frequencies played from an mp3 player through special headphones transmitting vibrations to the bones in the temple area. We keep in touch with the environment. The set is free from unnecessary electromagnetic field.

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Na wszystkie nasze produkty udzielamy gwarancji do 60 miesięcy w zależności od produktu.


Masz wątpliwości, potrzebujesz więcej szczegółów ? zadzwoń lub napisz.


Zdrowie trzeba mieć a nie odzyskiwać. Kupując w naszym sklepie możesz zwrócić się o poradę jak prowadzić zdrowy tryb życia.


Zapoznaj się z artykułami na temat zdrowia i badań https://www.facebook.com/ochronaTwojegozdrowia/


Created by one of the world's most respected authorities in the field of therapeutic use of sound. DE-STRESS consists of three beautiful songs perfect for bringing peace and harmony to your home or work. Keyboard instruments, zither, guitar, flute, harp, vocals and Tibetan bowls combined with the latest achievements of sound technology create calm, spatial music that provides great pleasure while listening.

Higher level of awareness. Delicate, soothing music designed for relaxation, yoga exercises, massage, meditation. Keyboard instruments, guitars, choral singing, bells and zithers in compositions that will silence you, help you achieve the main goal of yoga - the state of samadhi - the experience of unity with divinity.

Feel your consciousness expanding.

We are all looking for higher states of consciousness - the ability to awaken our mind and the whole being. Eastern cultures traditionally strive for the highest states of consciousness, known as samadhi, nirvana and enlightenment. Focus, clarity of mind, deeper vision and creativity, spiritual unification, and better performance of their work flow from these elevated states of consciousness or the state of awakened mind.

Treatment, rehabilitation, massage

Psychotherapy, pedagogical therapy, learning

Therapy for dyslexia, hyperactivity, ADHD, cerebral palsy

Therapy for neurosis, anxiety, depression, memory problems,

Therapy for fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia

Treatment and pain relief

Alleviation of tension and stress

Coma therapy

Autism therapy

Cosmetic treatments, solarium, salt caves,

Healing treatments, especially those that cause fear and are associated with pain

Postoperative rooms

Hospices, nursing homes,

Nurseries, kindergartens

Doctors offices ? conversations with patients

Meditation, Yoga, Reiki

Inspiration. Experience of beauty. Experience of harmony

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